Preferred Practitioners

  • Listing in the S4OM Therapist Locator
  • Use of S4OM name, artwork, forms and marketing materials
  • Access to S4OM quarterly newsletter full of practice building ideas and information
  • Eligibility for reduced rates on S4OM online educational offerings
  • The status that accompanies an official affiliation with the international standard bearer of oncology massage practice and education...S4OM!  
S4OM's Preferred Practitioners are practicing massage therapists who have a working knowledge of cancer, its effects on the body and how current medical treatments can affect the client. With that knowledge, these practitioners modify standard massage practice to provide safe, effective massage therapy for people affected by cancer. They maintain private or group practices and/or practice in hospitals, clinics, hospices and other healthcare settings around the world.

Download Applications for full details and registration

Preferred Practitioner Application      

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Alternative Preferred Practitioner Application

Each S4OM Preferred Practitioner attests that he or she:

  1. Has satisfactorily completed a massage therapy training program of 500 hours or more.
  2. Is appropriately licensed as required by state and local laws.
  3. Maintains appropriate professional liability insurance.
  4. Has actively practiced massage therapy for at least one year at the time of Preferred Provider registration.
  5. Has satisfactorily completed an S4OM recognized "Foundational Course".
  6. Adheres to the S4OM Standards of Practice.
  7. Accurately maintains his or her record in the S4OM Therapist Locator Service, including total cumulative oncology massage hours, updating it not less than annually.
  8. Maintains access to an email account for both Society and massage client use.
  9. Login to the personal profile area and maintain the information listed in the S4OM Profile as being up to date and correct. 

Preferred Practitioners pay a $75/year contribution to S4OM via PayPal, which is requested after the application has been approved.


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