Cathrine Thibault
Cathrine Thibault
Cathrine Thibault
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Cathrine Thibault, Board Certified Massage Therapist and Owner, learned at an early age how powerful a healing touch is to improve the quality of life.

At 17, her older brother was diagnosed with a rare and incurable disease, which brought near-constant pain and swelling throughout his body. Cathrine, just 10 years old at the time, would often be called upon to comfort him, massaging his hands and feet for long periods of time which allowed him to rest. Although her brother passed away two years later, the peace she provided during their time together has inspired and guided her development in the healing arts.

For more than a decade, Cathrine has been professionally focused on developing her skills to help those in need. She enrolled in massage therapy school in 2003, and in 2006, she completed the Heart Touch training at The Heart Touch Project in Santa Monica, CA. It was during this training that she learned to deliver compassionate and healing touch to those most in need.

Providing immediate and lasting comfort through compassionate touch is her lifelong mission.

After becoming a Licensed Massage Practitioner in 2008 in Anchorage, Alaska, she gained valuable experience helping injured military personnel, their families, and civilians at Elmendorf Air Force Base. She also gained experience treating injuries with massage therapy at two chiropractic offices in Anchorage. This experience initiated her studies in orthopedic massage as an assessment and treatment approach for understanding soft tissue pathologies.

While in Anchorage, Cathrine strived beyond the state licensing requirements and received her Board Certification for Massage and Bodywork in 2009, before the United States Air Force transitioned Cathrine and her husband to Yokota Air Base, located in Tokyo, Japan. While there, she enrolled in a comprehensive certification program in orthopedic massage and received her Orthopedic Massage certification in early 2013, from educator and founder, Whitney Lowe, of The Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute (OMERI). This specialized orthopedic training helps focus on providing assessment, treatment, and self-care education to clients suffering from soft tissue injuries.

After Japan, Cathrine relocated to Leominster, MA with her husband and son, and she enrolled at The Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, MA for their comprehensive massage therapy program (720 hours). She graduated in March 2014, and graciously received The President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

During Bancroft’s program, Cathrine completed part of her internship at the HealthAlliance Hospital Burbank in Fitchburg, MA which allowed her the opportunity to work with patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Post-graduation, Cathrine completed Tracy Walton’s Oncology Massage Therapy- Caring for Clients with Cancer program in Cambridge, MA in June 2014.

Dedicated to respecting and comforting those in need, Cathrine and her staff of massage practitioners at Compassion Massage Therapeutic Clinic, welcome you. Your comfort is important to us. Come on in and experience the difference our compassionate touch can make in your life.

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