Past Directors & Committee Members


The Society for Oncology Massage is deeply grateful for the tireless efforts of its founding  and past directors, committee chairs and committee members who have retired from their posts, but without whose dedication and passion for this important work S4OM would not exist.  Thank you, friends.  

Founding Directorsshow-gratitude

Bruce Hopkins - Emeritus (Maine)
Gayle MacDonald (Oregon)
George Lee (North Carolina)
Laura Rose Boyle (Colorado)
Lauren Muser Cates (Virginia)
Linda Dwyer (New York)
Lucille Eddy (Virginia)
Meg Robsahm (Washington)
Nicki Hansen-Dix (California)

Past Directors

Jean VanEtten (New York)
Johnnette duRand Kelly (California)
Mary Aguilera-Titus (Maryland)
Cindy Wright (North Carolina)
Mia Harper (Maryland)
Wendy Miner (New York)
Dale Healey (Minnesota)
Stacy Barden (Illinois)
Julie Streeter (Minnesota)

Past Committee Chairs & Members
Anita Baake (Arizona)
Ann Simmons (Colorado)
Harriet Jahr-Phillips (Pennsylvania)
Sharon Lidz (Alaska)
Laura Rose Boyle (Colorado)
Mia Harper (Maryland)
Cindy Doody (Massachusetts)
Cheryl Alderdice (Maryland)

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