Our Mission is to support the safe delivery of massage to people who have been diagnosed with cancer, to promote an oncology massage education standard and to collaborate in research.




S4OM exists to ease the journey through cancer.

                      OUR VALUES                 

Our programs are intended to:

1. Make all people affected by cancer aware of the healing power of safely adapted massage and where it is available in their communities.

2. Expand the availability of qualified oncology massage wherever people affected by cancer live and are treated.

3. Develop an educated, experienced and cooperative community of oncology massage therapists.

4. Establish,  promote, and maintain an ethic of care setting a high standard for the emerging field of oncology massage therapy.

5. Facilitate and encourage the training of all massage therapists in the basics of oncology massage.

6. Educate the medical community, cancer patients and their caregivers about the extreme importance of proper training for oncology massage therapists.

7. Provide a forum where oncology massage therapists can share the special challenges and joys of their work.


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